TRAILERS for grapes

G2-G4-GRE  TRAILERS for Grapes,  self-unloading with conveying screw driven by the cardan shaft or by the hydraulic system of the tractor or by an electric motor-reducer.
They allow the transportation and transfer of grapes directly from the vineyard to the winery without further passages inside conveyors. Built entirely in stainless steel AISI 304, except drawbar and axle, they are available in different capacities and with various discharge systems. Approval for road circulation.
For transport of machine-harvested grapes, we are able to supply a grape trailer  with a hermetically-sealed lid, hydraulically operated. This allows transport avoiding  product loss.
The Strazzari trailers can have different types of discharge: 
- Trailer with G2 elliptical rotor pump
- Trailer with auger and door for direct discharge G4
- Liftable trailer GRE 
In addition to the standard solutions, it is possible to provide tailor-made trailers both in size and in the discharge systems, to be used not only for grapes in the wine sector, but also in the agri-food sector for fruit, apples, citrus fruits, olives, olive pomace, cereals and fertilisers.
The construction of the Strazzari trailers requires all the components to be dismantlable, such as the drawbar, gearbox flange, pump and discharge pipe. This, in addition to easy maintenance, allows use of the trailer tank for positioning on the ground or on a platform.
G2 - Rimorchio per uva con pompa a rotore ellittico
ideale per il trasporto dell'uva, azionato dall'albero del trattore o da un motoriduttore elettrico, ha il vantaggio di scaricare direttamente in [read more]
G4 - RIMORCHIO con scarico diretto 

Manicotto in acciaio inox con portello per chiusura ermetica.
Contenitore, telaio e coclea in acciaio inox Ø 220-300.
Freni meccanici, impianto elettrico, [read more]
GRE - Liftable trailer for grapes,  with auger and door for discharge.

Equipped with a frame for lifting of the container, which allows discharge at 2.15 m of height. The rear movement of the [read more]