• TRAILERS for grapes G2 - G4 - GRE

self-unloading with conveying screw driven by the cardan shaft or by the hydraulic system of the tractor or by an electric motor-reducer.

They allow the transportation and transfer of grapes directly from the vineyard to the winery without further passages inside conveyors. Built entirely in stainless steel AISI 304, except drawbar and axle, they are available in different capacities and with various discharge systems. Approval for road circulation.

The Strazzari trailers can have different types of discharge:

- Trailer with G2 elliptical rotor pump

- Trailer with auger and door for direct discharge G4

- Liftable trailer GRE

Grape trailer  with hermetically sealed lid, hydraulically operated, for transporting of machine-harvested grapes, it avoids product loss.


  • HOPPERS - TANKS for Grapes T4-T6

Strazzari produces Grape receiving hoppers  of any size, both to be placed above ground, without the need for holes and masonry, and to be buried, for large dimensions.

They are entirely built in stainless steel AISI 304, satin finish and tig welding for a perfect seal, supporting structure in tubular stainless steel of large section to ensure the hopper is perfectly stable during the tipper discharge phase. The particular asymmetric inclination of the walls makes the descent of the product highly effective and prevents formation of the bridge on the cochlea.

To facilitate the "weighing" phase of the loaded product, the hoppers can be equipped with electronic weighing with display.

The hoppers are equipped with various discharge systems:

- T6 elliptical rotor pump for grapes, to be discharged directly into a crusher-stemmer or press, up to 8/10 of height or 40/50 mt of distance, very gently due to the low rotor speed

- T4 cochlea with discharge opening fitted with a door for airtight closing, manual, electric or hydraulic opening.
PUMPS for Grapes and Marc
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  • Elliptical rotor pumps for grapes and marc  G6 - G8 - G7.

The elliptical rotor pumps, also called ogive/olive/volumetric pumps, PATENTED since 1980 by STRAZZARI, offer a high level of strength and reliability; they act by pressure and not by centrifugal force, ensuring the best treatment of the pumped product.
In addition to their use in the wine sector, for whole and de-stemmed grapes and fermented marc, they are ideal in the agri-food sector for the transportation of apples, oranges, fruit, meat, olives, olive pomace, prickly pear figs, dates and semi-solid products with high fluidity.

The construction of the pump is based on the fundamental principle of "double chamber", which allows the auger to feed the rotor on the widest part, allowing very gentle transfer of the product. The double chamber allows the whole grape a wide and continuous passage, without bottlenecks or sudden reductions, thus avoiding cutting and crushing of the stalks.

The low number of rotor revolutions (45/57 revolutions/minute) prevents shaking and crushing of the stalks, peel and grape pips, allowing the pump to gently transfer whole grapes, crushed grapes or fermented marc.

Grape trailer  with hermetically sealed lid
Hoppers equipped with electronic weighing
G7 Pump for grapes (patented) 50 ton/hour