PUMPS for Grapes and Marc

The elliptical rotor pumps for grapes and marc are produced by STRAZZARI, in a wide range of models: G6 - G8 - G7.
The elliptical rotor pumps, also called ogive/olive/volumetric pumps, PATENTED since 1980 by STRAZZARI, offer a high level of strength and reliability; they act by pressure and not by centrifugal force, ensuring the best treatment of the pumped product.
In addition to their use in the wine sector, for whole and de-stemmed grapes and fermented marc, they are ideal in the agri-food sector for the transportation of apples, oranges, fruit, meat, olives, olive pomace, prickly pear figs, dates and semi-solid products with high fluidity.
The construction of the pump is based on the fundamental principle of "double chamber", which allows the auger to feed the rotor on the widest part, allowing very gentle transfer of the product. The double chamber allows the whole grape a wide and continuous passage, without bottlenecks or sudden reductions, thus avoiding cutting and crushing of the stalks.
The low number of rotor revolutions (45/57 revolutions/minute) prevents shaking and crushing of the stalks, peel and grape pips, allowing the pump to gently transfer whole grapes, crushed grapes or fermented marc.
The pumps made in different sizes (auger inlet D. 220 - 300 - 400), are complete with stainless steel receiving hopper, tiltable to minimise height dimensions. The stainless steel discharge cone, which can be opened with hinges to facilitate inspection of the entire pump interior, is equipped with ball or garolla junction connectors. The stainless steel wagon consists of a stainless steel frame with ground support device on four anti-vibration pads, to stabilise the pump during transfer and wheels for movement. It can be selected in two versions: longitudinal or transverse.
Built in eight different models the Strazzari elliptical rotor pumps allow a wide choice from the different hourly production of ton/hour 12 - 20 - 25 - 35/50 and variable heads up to 10 m in height and 50 m. in distance.
The Strazzari oenological pumps, which can be used directly in a crusher or press, can also be supplied as a "pump unit" to be mounted on trailers with auger, or on grape receiving tanks, on screw conveyors for fermented marc or in any situation that includes the transfer of semi-solid products.
Upon request: Hoppers of various sizes - Speed variator - Grape crusher - Swan neck - Compression tank - Stainless steel pipes - Various fittings.
Elliptic rotor pump for grapes - marc G6-220
G6-220 PUMP FOR GRAPES (patented)  
it is  ideal for whole and destemmed grapes, , with very wide passages (300x200), low rpm (45-57).  It guarantees maximum respect of the grapes.
It acts by [read more]
Elliptic rotor PUMP for grapes - marc G6-150
G6-150 PUMP for grapes end marc 
Ideal for marc or for not particularly fluid products, rotor D. 300x150, it is also suitable for the transfer of whole and de-stemmed grapes, with adequate pipes [read more]
G6-150S   PUMP for grapes and marc 
Elliptic rotor PUMP, maximum containment of dimensions, the pump for grapes and marc G6-150S, rotor D. 300x150, has an hourly capacity (140 ql/hour).
Fixed [read more]
Elliptic rotor PUMP for grapes G8
G8 PUMP for grapes
For the transfer of grapes and marcs and semi-solid products.
Ideal for whole and de-stemmed grapes, very wide passages 300x200, hourly production of 250 ql/hour with a low [read more]
PUMP for grapes end marc G7

G7 PUMP for grapes (patented) 50 ton/hour, optimum performance and maximum reliability   
For the transfer of grapes, marc and semi-solid products (citrus fruit, fruit, oranges, olives, olive-pomace [read more]